“What a really great page turner.  An excruciating and insightful book that I couldn’t put down.   I love it.”
   Kathryn Seifert, Ph.D.
   Salisbury, MD

“Author Richard Lee Orey shows extraordinary insight into a traumatized human mind.  It takes the emotion and mind of the reader on one helluva flight.  I’m repeatedly left breathless.”
   Lynda Nilus
   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“AWESOME!  Picked up the book about 2 p.m. and 14 hours later, I climbed into bed.  (Yes, 4:00 a.m.)  Could NOT put the book down.  It was riveting.”
   SanDee P.
   Southern California reader

“Author Richard Lee Orey pens a breathtaking account of brutality, courage, romance and a quest to usurp Satan as he casts his evil temptations upon his victims. This novel is an incredible page turner with unbelievably graphic description, outstanding character development and will long remain with the reader.  An extraordinary book, deserving of a five-star review.”
   Micki Paluso
   Long Island Newspaper Columnist

“Your writing style is so palpably descriptive that I could practically taste the marshmallows and feel the heat of the fire.  I felt as though I knew these characters.  Wonderful, exquisite writing from a gentle pen wielded by a master.”
   Rafina Anderson

 “I love this story.  I love your narration and the descriptive way you write about your characters and entrust their emotions on the reader.  You are a brilliant author.”
   Richard Odilu

“Wow.  Another amazing read.  You are masterful at bringing your characters to life.  I truly hope to write as well as you some day.”

 Hatshepsut Maatkare

“This is indeed a beautiful and deeply touching story.  Your writing is truly wonderful to read.”
   Karen Vanderlaan

“You said it all right here as I felt it through my tears!  A gem I will treasure forever!”
   Sheila G.

“Gut wrenching.  I read this in awe.  Completely powerful and thought provoking.” 
   Gwendolyn Thomas Gath

“Intense, spellbinding!  Awesome write.” 
   Pier Tyler

“This is an impressive story—in imagery and voice—striking imagination and fulfilling curiosity.  And Lead Us Not bears the aroma of creativity.”
   Andre Emmanuel Bendavi ben-YEHU

“I became speechless as I read this beautiful piece of work.  It soaked to the core of my soul!”
   Barbara Smith

“Oh my, this bone-tingling write held my attention from start to finish.”
   H. Lena Jones

  “A beautiful story.   I recall a similar story in your book The Paradise of Revenge.  You give terrific characteristics to your characters through your flourishing descriptions.”
   Jeanette Cooper

“Oh, dear, tears filled me with love and gladness to have been blessed with the opportunity to read your remarkable touching words.  You are one talented writer.  Never stop writing.  You fill this reader with hope and peace.”   
   Amber Moonstone

I am in Awe....this is heavenly beautiful!!
   Tina Boukes

How magnificent thy faith! How marvelous thy work!
   Rhonda Galizia

Unique and very inspirational... "Be Still and Hear My Voice" has paid its poetic dues to Helicon.
   Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU

This one is my favourites so far, I have read it many times, it is very inspiring and i feel that it will touch many poets out there.
   Stephanierose Albach, UK

Vow!! Vow!!  This poem is so, so refreshing to me. I kept on reading it over and over again, it is a poem that generations to come would appreciate, and find comfort in. Be Still and Hear My Voice is exactly what God is saying to all of us.
   Margaret Mullings

Be Still and Hear My Voice touches a core deep in my heart and soul.
   Paula Shene

“You have left me speechless.  Your work is perennial...timeless, eternal...You are my kind of poet...love it.”
   Pamilla deLeon-Lewis

“I love the perspective this was written from in allowing us to hear the "voice" of the garden. The author is attentive to every detail, every aspect of the garden -- the sky, the environs, the plants, the statuary, and even the air -- regaling the reader with a 360 degree experience of the subject. The structure and style of the poem lend themselves to the topic, leading the reader easily through each stanza with the easy flow of the rhyme. Exquisitely crafted.”
   Rafika Anderson