A survival guide for your shark-infested world.

In How to be Smart, Shrewd & Cunning--Legally! a courtroom professional lifts pivotal secrets from judges and top trial lawyers and offers hypothetical examples to help you recognize risk exposures so you'll know the difference between puffing, perjury and fraud, between binding and non-binding contracts, between a financial cough and the legal equivalent of congestive heart failure.

Millions of us feel lost in the pressures of our modern world.  Personal and economic stresses drive us to divorce, charges of driving under the influence and work-related embezzlement and contract disputes.  We face misfortunes that leave us fearful, depressed, and suffering sleepless nights, loss of employment and bankruptcy.  And we don't know what to do about it.

How to be Smart, Shrewd & Cunning--Legally! shows you how to avoid misfortune, win disputes and laugh all the way to the bank.  In just thirty days of guided self-study, you'll gain the opportunity to be the master of your fate.

If you're in business, drive a car, own real estate or copyrights, and want to build and maintain your nest egg, you need this information. Order today. Feel good tomorrow.

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