Devout young Josefina is obsessed with wicked revenge.  Why?  How?

"No sooner had she opened her heart to Satan's evil ways than a man appeared before her.  Not God's man, Satan's man.  A shaming man."

"Her mind flashed with Shakespeare's wisdom.
Entertain him with hope, till the wicked fire of lust
have melted him in his own grease.

"Sweet Jesus Josefina, did you have to take me to bed, again?  Did you have to use me, again?  Couldn't you just live with your old memories?"

Seduced by Satan's whispered promise to restore her precious innocence, devout young Josefina Maria Camarillo turns her back on God and schemes her wicked biblical revenge on Shy Lanier, the son of the man she believes brutally raped and disfigured her. 

The Paradise of Revenge is an adult psychological drama of passion, romance, uncommon courage and a young woman's quest for God-sent love.  A powerful story with a shocking and heartfelt resolution, a story that will haunt you for years.  This is a story you'll enjoy reading twice--once for the mind and again for the heart.

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