A dazzling young nun takes on an urgent and daring political mission for the CIA.

In the midst of its human trafficking operations, an American crime family unknowingly seizes  at the international border the incognito wife of the Presidente of Mexico.
American President Jennifer Sage Stevenson and the brains of her security council quickly meet to discuss their course of action before the explosive political situation goes out of hand.

The best person that can pick up the trail of the missing wife of Presidente Ruiz, uncover the truth and solve her mysterious disappearance is a beautiful young American citizen presently serving as a Novitiate Nun in a small Mexican convent, who is said to be a veritable walking lie detector.  And so begins the sizzling adventure story of Sister Maria Camarillo in her daring covert intelligence mission to save America from a catastrophic border crisis endangering millions. 

The Hunt for the President's Wife takes you where you've never been in electrifying scenes of Sister Maria facing off with the lecherous whoremaster of the Maids Club prostitution network in challenges to her sexual innocence and core morality and boldly confronting the scheming Presidente Felipe de Ruiz as she fights to rescue Senora Ruiz and to save America from a tidal wave of panic-stricken border-crashing refugees fleeing a bloody Mexican Civil War. 

A sizzling political thriller!  Are you game?

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